A Family Business Rich in Acquisitions and Investment

The successful history of Total Distribution, Inc. (TDI), a Peoples Services Company, is one rich in family ties, acquisitions and investment. Established in 1914 by Joseph Schrader, Peoples Cartage and Storage Company was the first commercial trucking business in the Massillon area. Thirty-two years later, Ray Sibila, owner of Sibila Trucking, bought the company. In June of 1950, he changed the name to Peoples Cartage, Inc. After a few years of hard work and growth, Peoples Cartage Inc. was honored as one of Massillon’s most important businesses in the “Stark County Story.” This prestigious honor was just the beginning of TDI’s success.

A few years later, Peoples Cartage ventured into new territory and expanded into the public warehousing and transportation industries. In 1971, Ray Sibila passed the reins to his son, Don Sibila, who served as President for 15 years. Following Don’s tenure, younger brother Ron Sibila took over and served as President until 2001.

During Ron’s time as President, the company continued to grow, and in 1991, TDI became the parent company of Peoples Cartage and other related businesses. Two years later, the corporate headquarters moved to Canton, Ohio. The relocation presented a larger building that accommodated a complete accounting department and managerial staff.

In 2001, Ron’s son, Doug Sibila was elected President and named Chief Operating Officer. Over the next two years, TDI acquired two additional businesses and redirected its focus on new warehousing and transportation opportunities.

Beginning in 2010, TDI acquired the following assets:

  • In 2010, TDI acquired the assets of Terminal Warehouse adding 2,000,000 square feet of warehouse space in Akron, OH and an additional warehouse with 150,000 square feet in Norfolk, VA.
  • In 2013, TDI acquired Central Warehouse Operations in Michigan and Ohio adding another 650,000 square feet of general merchandise and food grade storage space.
  • In 2015, TDI acquired another eight facilities with 940,000 square feet in Fremont, OH.
  • In 2017, TDI added 90,000 square feet of cold storage space acquired from a facility in Winston-Salem, NC.
  • In 2018, TDI acquired the assets of several warehouses based in Jacksonville, FL.
  • In 2020, TDI acquired an additional 46,000 square feet of cold storage space in Tallmadge, OH.

The result of these acquisitions has been astonishing. By adding these assets, TDI increased cash flow and reduced overhead costs, allowing continued growth and investment. Over the past 10 years, TDI has doubled its revenue and grown by over 500 percent.

TDI would not be where it is today without the efforts of our dedicated employees. We understand our workers are essential to our success, so we value their opinion and make sure their voices are heard. Every year, we ask each employee to complete an employee engagement survey. The surveys are used to receive feedback on how our employees view the company and their working conditions. The results are reviewed with the board of trustees and plans are then made to address any concerns. Over the past several years, we have implemented the following:

  • Teladoc – free access to a doctor
  • LinkedIn Learning – free education and skills development
  • Wellness Physical – yearly exam lowers insurance premiums
  • Generic Preventive Medicine – paid for by the company
  • Milestone Recognition – monetary award for every five years of service
  • Bereavement Leave – added additional family members
  • EPTO – vacation time for new hires in the first year
  • Attendance Policy – more accommodating policies for hourly employees
  • Sick Days – pay half pay for two full days missed ($125,000+ cost)
  • CareSearch Rewards – compare provider costs online before the procedure to reduce premium

TDI also offers tuition reimbursement, employee and driver referral programs, safety and driver program awards, and an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP). Any non-union employee is eligible for the ESOP contribution after one year. We choose to do this so when our employees leave, they will have a retirement fund based on their years of service to take with them.

In addition to investing in our current employees, we have established a scholarship fund that benefits our future industry workers. The merit-based scholarship program is designed to help pay for the cost of accredited post-secondary education. The $25,000 fund can be divided between four students that are chosen by an independent council.

TDI’s investment does not stop here. We pride ourselves on going the extra mile to invest in the surrounding community. We are currently working on business issues with the legislative committee that will help provide the best working environment for employees all across the area. Over the years we have established lifelong relationships, and it has been extremely fulfilling to watch companies grow alongside us. It’s been beneficial to learn how each company approaches similar challenges and how we can help each other. We are a voice for each other and our community.

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