Food Grade Warehouses

Peoples Services/Total Distribution food grade warehouses meet today’s strict Government food safety and auditing requirements. All of our food grade warehouses are registered with the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) and adhere to the FDA recommended security guidelines. We have passed inspections by the FDA in conjunction with the Ohio Department of Agriculture with zero violations. Our food grade warehouses offer a variety of services including temperature controlled storage areas with refrigerated/cooler storage and freezer storage as well as dry and bulk storage.

Our 3PL food grade warehouses are recognized by the American Institute of Baking (AIB) and are inspected yearly by a qualified AIB International Inspector under the ASI certified requirements of the AIB International Consolidated Standards for Food Distribution Centers. Over the past 10 years our warehouses have achieved “Superior” ratings and have very high announced scores in the AIB Standards.

Food Grade include these 5 categories:

  1. Operational Methods and Personal Practices – The receipt, storage, monitoring, and handling to distribute a safe final product.
  2. Maintenance for Food Safety – The design, upkeep, and management of equipment, buildings, and grounds to provide a sanitary, efficient, and reliable environment.
  3. Cleaning Practices – The cleaning and sanitizing of equipment, utensils, and buildings to provide a wholesome and safe environment.
  4. Integrated Pest Management – The assessment, monitoring, and management of pest activity to identify, prevent, and eliminate conditions that could promote or sustain a pest population.
  5. Adequacy of Prerequisite and Food Safety Programs – The coordination of management support, cross-functional teams, documentation, education, training, and monitoring systems to ensure all departments of the facility work together to deliver a wholesome and safe final product.
  • Some of the Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP’s) our Food Safety Program covers are: Recall & Traceability, Hazard Communication, Operational Risk Management (ORM), Food Defense, Chemical Control, Allergen Control, Glass & Brittle Plastics, Transportation, Temperature Control, and Water Control.
  • Our food grade warehouses store bulk ingredients to finished goods. We maintain a dry, clean environment for non-perishable products as well as cold storage for perishable goods. Our temperature controlled storage areas include refrigerated/cooler storage and freezer storage as well as dry storage.
  • We also offer fast cross docking and transloading services for storage free distribution.  Let our Transportation Management and Brokerage Team map your deliveries and pickups and see if we can combine shipments to save you transportation fees.
  • We realize our customers have seasonal fluctuations and need to control carrying costs. Our systems are designed to track and rotate stock enabling efficient use of inventories and reduce inventory costs.

Food Storage Services:

• Fast, easy cross docking and transloading services
• FIFO, lot and batch specific product tracking and shipping
• AIB (American Institute of Baking) certification
• Bulk storage, cold storage, freezer storage and packaging services
• Follow strict sanitation procedures
• We own and operate food storage trailers, reefer trucks and pneumatic bulk tankers.
• Spotting services 24/7
• Rail served warehouses

Related Services:

• Pick and pack fulfillment – repackaging services
• Precise bar code inventory tracking and reporting
• Export containerization
• Freight services include local shuttle, truckload, pneumatic bulk, LTL, and expedited services

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