Supplier Managed Inventory

Because Supplier Managed Inventory is demand-driven there are fewer stock-outages or shortages, less time on rush orders, and usually fewer orders overall eliminating extra inbound/outbound fees.


• Cost savings for manufacturer and supplier
• Scheduled delivery dates – no premium freight expenses
• Less excess inventory at your facility and your suppliers
• Reduces stock shortages, no lost sales or production
• Allows suppliers and manufacturer to level load production schedules
• Improved relationship between manufacturer and suppliers driven by longer term purchase agreements

Business Objectives:

• Supplier delivery program that minimizes replenishment variability
• Target supply lines with long lead times and/or high delivery variances:

• International and domestic
• Suppliers without a JIT “just-in-time” capability
• Suppliers with existing higher cost JIT solutions

• Use a web-based Warehouse Management System (WMS) as a technology enabler to create value in the total logistics process:

• Forecasting
• Demand planning
• Inventory visibility
• Just-in-time replenishment
• Real-time reporting

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